Sinotau Signs Agreement with HTA for New β-amyloid Imaging Agent

Company News

Sinotau Pharmaceuticals has announced an agreement with HTA CO. LTD for launching a new β-amyloid imaging agent for Alzheimer's disease in China.

"This agreement will greatly contribute to the successful launch of future products in China. It is expected that this new product will be used to treat patients by delivering the latest diagnostic technologies as well as contributing to developing therapies for Alzheimer's disease. Sinotau Pharmaceuticals is devoted to develop the latest global nuclear medicine products for use in China," says Xinsheng Xu, President and CEO of Sinotau Pharmaceuticals. "We are excited by this opportunity to cooperate with the largest Radiopharmaceutical production enterprise in China to accelerate the process of launching innovative drugs in the market and exploring pathways that strengthen and expand the radiopharmaceutical market in China."

"HTA CO. LTD has considerably expanded the construction of a Radiopharmaceutical network and is focusing on the development and access of new technologies," says Guomin Fan, president of HTA CO. LTD. "As a result of cooperating with Sinotau Pharmaceuticals there will be more opportunities to obtain novel technologies in the industry. Our collaboration will begin with encephalopathy and cardiovascular diseases widely known in the world."

HTA CO. LTD is a company listed on the NEEQ (stock symbol: 430005). It is the biggest subsidiary of China Tongfu Stock Co., Ltd., focused on Radiopharmaceuticals and devoted to industrialize the application of nuclear technology. HTA CO. LTD owns the largest manufacturing portfolio and research network for radioactive isotopic preparation in China. Corresponding pharmaceutical sites and hospital centers have been established throughout the country.