Cerveau Technologies Announces Collaboration with NYU Langone Medical Center

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Jun. 26th, 2017. (BUSINESS WIRE) - Cerveau Technologies Inc. today announced a research collaboration with the NYU Langone Medical Center to support various research projects studying the stages of Alzheimer's Disease and other Neurodegenerative diseases. These research projects will utilize an investigational imaging agent (MK-6240) to be used in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans for assessing the status and progression of neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) in the brain. NFTs made up of aggregated tau protein are a hallmark of several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.


As part of the agreement, Cerveau will support various research projects and supply [18F]MK-6240 needed for the initiatives.


According to Professor Mony de Leon from the NYU Langone Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Center for Brain Health, "support from Cerveau nicely bridges the Alzheimer disease work funded by the NIH and the traumatic brain injury studies supported by Cohen Veteran Bioscience. The Cerveau project offers an exciting opportunity to launch clinical and basic studies investigating the spread of tau pathology using PET and the tau imaging agent MK-6240."


"Cerveau is excited to be working with Dr. de Leon and his colleagues to better understand Tau pathology," said Rick Hiatt, President of Cerveau Technologies, Inc., "The partnership with NYU Langone Medical Center is another important step forward in our strategy of developing an international network of key collaborators and production sites to enable broad access for scientific research and clinical trial support."

About Cerveau Technologies, Inc.

Cerveau Technologies, Inc. is a partnership between Enigma Biomedical Group, Inc. and Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group. Cerveau's vision is to globally develop diagnostics and technology that positively impact patients with neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's disease.

About NYU Langone Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center is one of the nation's premier academic medical centers. Our trifold mission to serve, teach, and discover is achieved daily through an integrated academic culture devoted to excellence in patient care, education, and research.


For over 100 years tau pathology has been recognized as a primary feature of Alzheimer's disease. Today we appreciate a much broader significance for this protein as over 20 neurological diseases involve tauopathy. NYU Langone Medical Center scientists from the departments of Psychiatry, Neurology, Radiology, and Pathology are actively collaborating on research studies designed to improve the understanding of the biological conditions that promote misfolded protein pathology.