Sinotau Shares Notes on Alzheimer's Disease with Professor Gauthier from MacGill University

Company News

Sept. 28th, 2016. Mr. Xu Xinsheng and Mr. Chu Wei, President and COO of Sinotau Pharmaceuticals Group respectively, engaged in a highly fruitful meeting with Professor Serge Gauthier, McGill University (Canada), Mr. Rick Hiatt, CEO of the Canadian company Enigma, and a selected group of Chinese Pharma experts. Alzheimer's disease was the main issue discussed during these talks. 


Professor Gauthier is a world expert in neurology, in particular with regards to Alzheimer's disease, and he has been instrumental in the clinical research for several key Alzheimer's therapeutic products since 1990, among other merits in this field. Serge Gauthier is currently Director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Unit at McGill Centre for Studies in Aging.


Rick Hiatt, CEO of Enigma, has been focused, for more than 20 years, on technologies related to the application of molecular imaging in drug discovery, drug development and clinical application, with an special interest in radiopharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. Rick Hiatt collaborates closely with Sinotau on several projects in the field of precision imaging for neurology diseases and various types of cancer. 


Xu Xinsheng, President of Sinotau Pharmaceuticals Group, introduced to Professor Gauthier and rest of participants in the conference about the promising work Sinotau is developing in the field of Alzheimer's disease. Sinotau is fully invested in developing diagnostic agents and therapies that can identify and treat the disease in the early stages. This will allow doctors across the world to deliver early treatment for this disease, which could be a game changer for Alzheimer's patients.


Professor Gauthier welcomed and praised the research progress that Sinotau has achieved until now, and also expressed his willingness to cooperate with Sinotau in projects to promote new diagnostic agents and treatment drugs that could exceed performance of existing products in the market for the benefit of patients worldwide.