Sinotau Closes 320 Million RMB D+Financing, Co-investing by China Life Private Equity and Centurium

Company News

Recently, Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group announced it has closed an 320 million RMB D+ financing, which was jointly invested by China Life Private Equity and Centurium Capital, and continued to be followed by the existing shareholders, Tianjin Panya Equity Investment Fund Partnership(L.P.) and Deyi Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and a lot of help and support from WinX Capital.


Previously, in February 2021, Sinotau just completed a D financing led by CICC Capital, followed by a series of institutions, and supported by the original institutional shareholders such as Lotus Lake Capital. In less than one and a half years since April 2020, Sinotau has completed consecutive financing totaling approximately 1 billion RMB, fully demonstrating the capital market's high recognition of Sinotau's strong radiopharmaceutical innovation R&D capability. The funds raised will continue to be used for clinical R&D of new radiopharmaceutical projects.


Sinotau is an innovative pharmaceutical company focusing on the R&D, production and clinical application of new generation radiopharmaceuticals, with an extensive product line of radioactive targeted integration of diagnosis and therapy.


Sinotau, headquartered in Beijing, has modern radiopharmaceutical manufacturing bases in Jiangsu, Guangdong and Sichuan, and a branch office in the U.S. Relying on the world's leading R&D resources in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and precise diagnosis and therapy, Sinotau has taken the lead in laying out a number of targeted therapeutic and precise diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals in the fields of oncology, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Relying on the strong R&D capability of its own R&D team, Sinotau's product pipeline has now laid out a number of radiopharmaceuticals, some of which have entered the registered clinical research stage.


With the targeted clinical application of radioisotopes in recent years, the global radiopharmaceutical market size is growing rapidly, which was $7.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $26 billion in 2030. Meanwhile, with the release of domestic programmatic industry documents, the application of radiopharmaceuticals to the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) system, and the liberalization of radiopharmaceutical equipment configuration certificates, the domestic radiopharmaceutical market will also get vigorous development.


 With the introduction of the national medium and long-term development plan in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, the development of the domestic radiopharmaceutical field has started to enter the fast lane,” said Mr. Xu Xinsheng, founder and chairman of Sinotau. The field of radiopharmaceuticals in China is still in the early stage of development. Sinotau relies on strong independent R&D capabilities, while cooperating with international advanced radiopharmaceutical companies to fully promote the R&D of radiopharmaceuticals, providing sufficient ammunition for patients and colleagues in radiopharmaceuticals. We believe that with the help of high-quality capital and the joint efforts of our partners, we will make Sinotau a leading company in the field of radiopharmaceuticals in China and contribute to the rise of China's radiopharmaceutical industry.


"Sinotau is one of the few biopharmaceutical companies in China that has the ability to research and develop both nuclear medicine and innovative targeted precursors, and has accumulated rich experience in R&D, manufacturing, clinical trials and registration filings of radiopharmaceuticals, with a product pipeline covering both innovative diagnostic radiopharmaceutical and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical, and outstanding comprehensive capabilities in the industry, said Ms. Zhang Redie, responsible person of the China Life Private Equity. China Life Private Equity expects to help Sinotau continue to innovate in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and accelerate the commercialization of clinically-needed diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutials, thereby meeting the growing health needs of the people."


After years of exploration and accumulation, Sinotau has established high barriers in the radiopharmaceutical field from upstream supply of nuclides to downstream clinical applications, and has laid a solid foundation in product layout, upstream and downstream cooperation and team building, " said Mr. Chen Zhixing, managing director of the Centurium Capital. In comparison with overseas markets, the domestic radiopharmaceutical industry has considerable growth potential. We recognize the uniqueness and preemptive localization of Sinotau in the radiopharmaceutical field in China and look forward to this financing to drive the company's further development and ultimately benefit more patients."


"As a leading company of innovative radiopharmaceuticals in China, Sinotau is based on rich global technology resources and advanced independent R&D capabilities, said Mr. Zou Guowen, founder of WinX Capital. " WinX Capital believes that Sinotau will drive the rise of China's innovative radiopharmaceutical market in the future, and at the same time go out of China to showcase itself in the international market."