About Us

Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group was founded in 2005. Through years of R&D efforts the company  has developed three clear scopes within the Group, a generic pharma arm, an innovative biological initiative and a nuclear medicine (Radiopharmaceutical) enterprise.

Radiopharmaceutical Radiopharmaceutical

Sinotau follows a strategy of “sourcing and introducing cutting-edge technology + in-house R&D” to reduce the gap between U.S.A. and Europe with China in the development of radiopharmaceuticals. Since 2014, Sinotau has cooperated with leading pharma players and research institutions across Europe and U.S.A., and has obtained the rights to develop and commercialize a number of key radiopharmaceutical products in China and globally. At the same time, we also establish the independent research and development product line. The products involve precise diagnosis and targeted therapeutic drugs in the fields of neurodegenerative diseases and tumors and cardiovascular diseases.

生物药领域 Bio-pharmaceuticals

Regarding biologicals, Sinotau is focused on the early development of novel antibodies and concentrates its efforts in oncology, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases, among others.

CTB006, a monoclonal antibody, has obtained clinical research approval from CFDA and is currently in Phase I clinical trials. The combination of antibody drugs and nuclides in the diagnosis and precise treatment of diseases is an innovation of Sinotau, which can improve the efficiency of drugs and the benefit rate of patients, and bring more clinical treatment programs to patients.

Sinotau plans to build radiopharmaceutical sites in Jiangsu province, Guangdong province and Sichuan province, among other places, to ensure distribution to the majority of the Chinese market. This network of facilities will integrate manufacturing and labelling of leading nuclear medicine products, training, R&D and international cooperation activities. All sites will be in line with cGMP standards.

Sinotau looks into the future following the company's mission "in pursuit of healthier lives", and through continued investments in R&D. Sinotau is developing a solid portfolio of novel products to improve the quality of life of patients. And to contribute to the development of China's radiopharmaceutical sector.