Guangdong Sinotau Molecular Imaging Obtained the Radiopharmaceutical Production License

Company News

Guangdong Sinotau Molecular Imaging Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinotau, has successfully obtained the "Radiopharmaceutical Production License" A certificate, which means Guangdong Sinotau Molecular Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. has the production site qualification of radiopharmaceuticals.


This is also the second qualification certificate of radiopharmaceutical production license obtained by Sinotau, which provides GMP-compliant premises and facilities for the preparation of radioactive clinical samples, and the R&D and production of radiopharmaceuticals, creating conditions for the subsequent production, operation and marketing of radiopharmaceuticals, which will provide a wealth of precise clinical treatment products for the benefit of patients.



About Guangdong Sinotau Molecular Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.

As the R&D and production base of Sinotau in South China, Guangdong Sinotau Molecular Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, as well as promotion and sales of innovative radiopharmaceuticals, equipped with advanced R&D and production facilities and testing equipment in accordance with GMP requirements, which can meet the R&D and production and market demand of a variety of nuclide products such as 18F, 68Ga, 64Cu, 177Lu, etc.



About Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group

Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group officially launched the R&D of new generation radiopharmaceuticals in 2014. Sinotau, headquartered in Beijing, has modern radiopharmaceutical smart production bases in Jiangsu, Guangdong and Sichuan, and a branch office in the US, having formed business cooperation with more than a dozen multinational pharmaceutical companies. Relying on the world's leading R&D resources of radiopharmaceutical precision diogsis and therapy, Sinotau has taken the lead in laying out a number of targeted therapeutic and precision diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals in the fields of oncology, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular disease, which are in or have completed clinical trials and will be launched in the coming years. Since April 2020, Sinotau has successfully closed nearly 1 billion RMB and has been favored by major investment institutions, with plans to land on major capital marekts in the near future.