Jiangsu Sinotau Successfully Obtain the Radiation Safety License

Company News

On April 26, Jiangsu Sinotau Molecular Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. ("Jiangsu Sinotau"), a Sinotau’s subsidiary company, officially obtained the “Radiation Safety License” by the Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province.


The successful obtaining of the “Radiation Safety License” indicates that Jiangsu Sinotau has the qualification to use radiological devices, and produce, use and sell non-sealed radioactive substances; moreover  it has the basic conditions to carry out radiopharmaceuticals CMC study, supply non-clinical and clinical sample and commercial production of radiopharmaceuticals.



Initiated by Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group and JOINN (Beijing), Jiangsu Sinotau is a CDMO platform for radiopharmaceuticals, which will realize the development and commercial supply of a variety of new accelerator-prepared medical isotopes, as well as the production and distribution of many kinds of radiopharmaceuticals.



Jiangsu Sinotau will also cooperate with JOINN (Wuxi) to provide a full range of professional technical services of process, quality research, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation for domestic radiopharmaceutical research and development institutions and enterprises, committed to building a leading domestic radiopharmaceutical research and development service platform.



This license is the third “Radiation Safety License” obtained by Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group, which provides a strong guarantee for the supply of clinical samples of the investigational varieties within the Yangtze River Delta, the process and quality research of the early varieties, and the commercial commissioning of varieties to be listed.


In the future, Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group will continue to promote the radiopharmaceutical R&D and registration, industrialized construction and commercial supply, bring more radiopharmaceuticals to benefit the majority of patients as soon as possible.